Welcome to PURE FLOW Ministries - Sean & Kirsten Hirschy - Missionaries to Germany
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Sean ministering at a youth worship night in Wels, Austria.
Sean, preaching in a service at our Church.
Your missionaries to Germany

Both Sean & Kirsten have sensed a call of God to missions ministry since they were teens. While attending Bible School, God gave Sean further clarification in these simple words "the teens of the world." In February of 1997 the Lord gave them more specific direction about ministering in Europe. Today that call is being lived out in Germany and the surrounding nations.

Where we are ministering

Trostberg is a city of about 12,000 people approximately one hour East of Munich and very close to the Austrian border. It lies in the region of Germany known as Bavaria. It is a stunningly beautiful area with the Alps in view on the southern horizon. While it seems most Bavarians are non-practicing Catholics, we have found them to be warm, hospitable and increasingly open to the Word of God.

What we are doing

We have joined Pastors Robert and Irmi Tomaschek at "Christliche Glaubens-gemeinde" (Christian Faith Church) and Rhema Bible Training Center Germany. The vision of the ministry here is to "spread a living and victorious faith," to impact the region, country and continent with the Word and Spirit of God - and that is already happening on many levels!

Our ministry is to assist Pastor Robert and Irmi in the fulfillment of this vision. We are doing this through developing the Youth Ministry and Media/Music Ministries in the church as well as teaching in the Bible schools. We are also consistently taking greater steps towards being more involved with Rhema Germany as a whole. Another aspect of this vision is the developing of the "I Believe" Movement in Europe - to empower Christian teens all over Europe to reach their peers for Christ!

www.glaube-lebt.de --- www.rhema-germany.de --- www.ibelieve-doyou.eu