OUR EXPERIENCE in the local church

(DISCLAIMER: Since we are currently transitioning into a new phase of ministry, the information on this section of our website is no longer current. It will soon be updated, but it still helps you get a glimpse into our hearts and understand our ministry experience and expertise.)


In the scriptures we see how important it is to communicate the truth to the next generation and raise them up to be mighty men and women of God. God spoke to Sean's heart over 20 years ago about "the teens of the world" and we continue to pursue this part of God's call on our lives - leading youth ministry in our church and in our region.

Highlights of Youth Ministry:

-Continuously involved in Youth Ministry since 1994

-13 years on the board of the Iowa Youth Connection

-Taught Youth Ministry at Rhema Bible Training College

-Trained many young people who are now in church leadership positions

-Currently on the board of Youth Alive for southern Bavaria


A key facet to our ministry is worship leading and songwriting. Many years ago God spoke to us that we were to "raise the level of worship." As we minister in our local church and as we travel, it is our goal to help people come into a greater experience of God and His presence and to help leaders and teams be more effective leading people in encountering Him.

Highlights of our Worship Ministry:

-Worship Leaders since 1995 in the USA and Germany

-Recorded 4 CD's, written scores of songs

-Taught worship at Rhema Bible Training College

-Currently working on a book on worship


This is the newest part of God's call on our lives. We have been pastoring one of our churches new campuses since May of 2014. We are enjoying how God has been able to use us in new ways to teach people to walk in the truth, seeing lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We believe multiplication is key to building the Kingdom of God - reproducing yourself in others. As we continue to grow in ministry we see God transitioning us more and more into the role of spiritual Fathers and Mothers to the next generation.

We are currently investing in others in many ways:

-raising up teens to become leaders in the church

-equipping new worship leaders at our 4 campuses

-mentoring young pastors and pastoral apprentices in our team

-training laborers at Rhema Bible Training College in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria

-training church planters with Dynamic Church Planting International, part of DCPI Europe office team